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Intelligent parking
Thanks to smart sensors is now possible to manage parking more efficiently. New technologies enable real-time data collection and indicate drivers the best route to the places available. This reduces the time drivers spend searching for a free space thus improving traffic and reducing pollution.
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Saving time and fuel

Finding a free parking space increases by 30% traffic jams in a city. It also generates considerable loss of time, productivity and contributes to inefficient resource management.

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Less pollution

Reduce traffic volume results in an improvement of the quality of life for residents benefit from cleaner air and reducing carbon footprint.

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Occupancy statistics

The collection of statistical data allows for better planning for a possible reallocation or expansion of places available.

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Easy installation

Wireless technology significantly improves the time required for the implementation and commissioning of the system, resulting in a much lower installation costs.

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Regulated Parking Service

Places subject to payment depending on the length of occupancy can be controlled by this system. Drastically reducing the staff necessary to check its correct functioning.

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Private parking

Organizations that have private parking available or customers can monitor a level of occupation and guide drivers to the available seats.

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Loading and unloading

The regulation of places allocated for loading and unloading allows more efficient use of them by restricting their use to authorized vehicles.

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Disabled parking spaces

Given the importance for disabled people to have a place tailored to their needs, greater control over their availability is necessary, preventing other unauthorized vehicles occupy them.

How it works

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  • Wireless Installation
  • Centralized control via web
  • Battery Power
  • Dimensions: 80x60 mm
  • Protection IP 68
  • Programmable time detection
  • Weight 215 g
  • Operating temperature: -15 to 70
  • Installation depth up to 8 cm
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  • Low response time
  • Centralized control via web
  • Power and communication via cable
  • Dimensions: 120 x 80 x 55mm
  • Protection IP 68
  • Weight: 85 g
  • Operating temperature: -15 to 70
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